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Inspiring, engaging and mobilizing others is infinitely more effective after first fine-tuning and focusing your awareness, mindset, passion and purpose.

Our interactive, dynamic workshops are designed to take the employees in your organization Inward, Onward and Upward. Each participant is empowered to become an impactful, authentic and skilled leader, driven from the inside, out.

Descriptions of some of our most popular workshops are below, and those are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us in the form below to schedule a workshop, find out more information or to collaborate with one of our coaches to design a custom workshop to meet your needs.

Some of our most popular workshops:

Leading Without Ego

Ego can be our biggest de-railer, and can manifest in unexpected ways like shyness or intolerance. Those who can manage their egos and not let their egos manage them are more likely to become and stay successful. Through this interactive workshop, you will discover the 5 Expressions of Ego and how they impact your success, performance and reputation.

Mastering Change

Take charge of transitions and move forward without hesitation, while creating a win-win environment for everyone involved. In this workshop, you’ll gain confidence in effectively managing all types of change — from individual promotions and departmental shifts, to organization-wide transitions — by understanding how to deal with uncertainty and adjust your leadership and decision-making style to best address delicate periods within your organization.

Managing Your S.E.T.

How are Stress, Energy, and Time connected? This workshop will help you add hours to your day by understanding the relationship between stress management and time management. Learn how to correct your S.E.T. habits to maximize your efficiency without leading to burnout.

Powerful Communication

This workshop creates a framework for the Why, How and What of our personal communication style. Examine how our verbal and nonverbal cues impact our leadership style and effectiveness and understand the key differences between the 3 styles of listening, how to ask empowering questions, and how to integrate effective techniques for clear, impactful engagement.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

In this interactive workshop, our coaches will show you how to stay on your “A-Game” by distinguishing outer blocks from inner blocks, and walking you through the 4 most common ways we interfere with our own success.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the biggest factor in executive performance. A study of 200 executives found that one-third of their performance success was due to technical skills; two thirds due to emotional intelligence. This workshop will deliver the best business practices when it comes to elevating your emotional intelligence. Discover how to achieve superior performance within your organization by developing and exercising self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

Everyday Negotiations

Learn the art of strategic, ego-free negotiations to help both parties get what they want without sacrificing results. We’ll share 5 game-changing negotiation tips that will impact the way you promote and sell yourself and your ideas. You’ll be equipped to handle everyday negotiations from managing client relationships and intraoffice balancing acts, to receiving a raise, promotion or an opportunity to work on an important project.

The Art of Confrontation

Proactive confrontation is a relationship builder. In one of our most popular workshops, you’ll learn a powerful 3-step proactive confrontation formula that will completely change the way you address challenges with people in your workplace. You will combine a set of prerequisites with the right mind set around confrontations to help you build strong relationships rather than just tolerate them.

Energy Leadership

Energy leadership is about showing up energetically every day and finding opportunities in every situation. When you and your team operate at the right frequency, you are able to see possibilities and potential everywhere. This workshop will help you better understand the energy level you bring to the table and how you can manage your leadership presence to become a more motivational and inspiring leader, while also developing an internal energy level that will sustain you every day.

7 Road Rules to Fuel Your Career

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll learn the 7 rules for successfully navigating your career path and elevating your leadership skills. From identifying your blind spots to following your career map, we’ll show you how to apply the rules of the road to your career.

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