Promotion Coaching Services

Candidates preparing for their company promotion process will work with one of our Executive Coaches over a one-month period. Our coaching program will equip candidates with the tools they need to present their career story and confidently field questions from senior executives. The coach will work with the candidate on enhancing their Communication Style, articulating their Career Story, honing their Presentation Skills and strengthening their Executive Presence.

Program Includes:
  • 1 month of coaching sessions, up to weekly
  • 90-minute recorded mock interview and feedback session
  • Review of prior performance reviews, goal-setting exercises and any other assessment results, if needed
  • Pre-session questionnaire to assess history with company
  • Unlimited email/text access to coach between sessions
  • As needed, “emergency calls” for live situations

Feedback from Recent Promotion Candidates

“The process helped me getting a better awareness of my emotional intelligence and capabilities that I deemed to be – in our financial world – not as important as other skills. But I was wrong and going through the process I learned that managing/dealing with people is one of the richest resources we can ever have.”

“Coaching helped me highlight my qualities, which gave me the necessary confidence to move forward (promotion processes tend to cause anxiety and in my case particularly I tend to undervalue myself.) It also showed me certain areas in which I am weak…but it “opened the window” for me. I would definitely work on these aspects (delegation, coordination, a.o.) for further improvement.”

“It was a great help not only to prepare mentally for the panel but also to make me reflect about the whole thing, mostly in relation to what will be different for the organization and for me going forward as a result of my promotion from VP to Director. In other words, it made me ‘stop and think’ for a while about this”

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