Check out some of what our students are saying about working with us!

“I couldn’t stress it more. The positive transformation that has happened over the past few months directly coincides with my engagement with my coach.  As a self-employed professional, this coaching tremendously supplemented the MBA experience and will no doubt help me in achieving an even greater ROI. I had an outstanding coach that really pushed me in areas that helped me articulate and become aware of potential root causes / limiting beliefs.  My coach was excellent and helped me to grow as a leader and into my own skin. I didn’t expect my outlook would have changed so quickly.”

Testimonial-MBA student who worked with a Career Coach“The Executive Coaching Program has done nothing short of changed my life. The personal tools that it equipped me with to properly analyze both my situation and myself allowed me to have a new prospective. My summer internship did not progress as well as I hoped for. I realized that that role was no longer the type of function that I wanted to pursue. Instead of completely checking out for the remainder of the summer, my executive coach helped me to change my perspective and to see it as an opportunity to work on personal development. I would have never thought on my own to utilize my time in this manner. The tools that she taught me are invaluable and are tools that I will use in my career going forward to make sure that I am making the most of my environment even when things are not ideal. The encouragement to own the experience and see the silver lining with specific action items to do so surpassed my expectations of the program. The ability to increase my self- awareness and become a better person is an experience that I would highly recommend to all MBA professionals. No amount of money could define the worth that this program has offered to me. The change that they helped to catalyze keeps me eternally grateful to both my coach and the program.”

Testimonial after working with a Career Coach“Coaching sessions with my coach consisted of a great balance of expertise on specific subjects and examples of personal relevance. My coach was open to sharing her own personal experiences and viewpoints which allowed me to be more comfortable discussing pivotal life decisions and exploring different approaches to assessing the decision making process.  My coach helped me learn to unravel my various levels of discomfort and uncertainty that were barriers to my ability to make important career and personal life decisions.”

“I feel very fortunate to have partnered with my coach. In starting to take inventory in your career there is a lot of information to consider and sometimes organizing your personal inventory and what options you want to explore can be a daunting task. My coach did a great job in helping me organize my thoughts and rank my priorities. He did this by carefully listening to my situation and follow up with thoughtful questions that forced me to face some underlying assumptions. After every session, I felt that I was moving forward with good progress in my career path considerations. My coach was very passionate about helping others and that passion shines through every time you sit down with him.”