MBA Coach Offerings

Career Coach One-on-One-Coaching

What is Coaching?

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” – International Coaching Federation

Through a high-touch, customized approach, our coaches partner with students to help them successfully navigate the MBA experience. Our MBA coaches create a trusted partnership with students to help them identify their unique strengths, move through challenges and leverage their natural leadership abilities. We are diligently dedicated to addressing the needs of each student we coach. We have found that most students come into the program to leverage their careers. Students come away with a greater sense of clarity, a fresh perspective and a stronger sense of alignment with their career and overall purpose.

Some of the common themes that we work on with our students are:

– Identifying career objectives and aligning with purpose

– Leadership development and emotional intelligence

– Networking and relationship building

– Developing strong communication skills

– Conflict resolution

– Managing difficult relationships

– Overcoming setbacks and disappointments

– Tackling the imposter syndrome

Ongoing Program Offerings

We offer a full suite of programs and resources specifically tailored to complement the MBA experience.  Our coaching programs are geared to help students manage the unique pressures of school, work, family and time during their MBA and beyond graduation.

Executive Coaching:

The private coaching experience is a transformative process that allows students to explore their personal leadership style, identify opportunities for growth and bring awareness to how we get in our own way. The sessions are action-oriented so that each student will be able to set and achieve their goals. Session topics are determined by the student with guidance from their coach.

What you can expect from the individual sessions:

  • Discovery session: Introduction to Coaching with a discussion around how to recognize your overall leadership  capabilities, attitudes, perceptions and behaviors.
  • Energy Leadership Assessment & Debrief and action plan for implementation
  • 4 or 5 (depending on class), 45-minute, customized private coaching sessions in-person or by phone
  • Call recording of each session so you can replay at your convenience
  • Unlimited access to coach via email between sessions
  • Access to online resource portal containing supplemental guides & videos

Workshop Series:

At CareerCoach, we have an exciting lineup of interactive workshops that focus on skill-building, tool application and moving from coaching concept to action and implementation. The workshop series will be a combination of lecture and Q&A / discussion to foster a empowered community among the participants. Our workshops focus on but are not limited to: building dynamic interview skills, powerful networking & communication, setting and achieving goals, crafting an impactful elevator pitch and how to tackle inner & outer blocks

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