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Career Coach MBA Coaching Program

CareerCoach is an executive coaching partnership of career and leadership coaches who specialize in professional development for premier MBA programs throughout the United States. Through a combination of individual coaching, group coaching, workshops and webinars, students experience clarity, direction and purpose to address their most pressing issues – professionally and beyond.

The MBA Coaching program complements the educational experience with personalized tools that help students better manage the unique pressures that come with balancing school, work, family and time. A founding belief of the program is that everyone is a leader, by choice or by default. The role of the coach is to identify strengths and move clients through challenges that get in the way of their natural leadership.

Our coaches understand what it takes to seamlessly integrate the educational experience with a career transition, acceleration or transformation process.

What some of our students are saying:
  • This coaching experience is like a 4-hour self-discovery journey. My coach and I talked about a lot of topics, such as executive presence, networking skills, work-life balance, communication and teamwork. My coach helped me identify the long-held assumptions I have which might have negative impacts on me, kept me aware of my inner dialogue and provided valuable feedback, which could help me shape the narrative about myself.

    -2016 Grad

  • My coach was patient enough to understand my background and the idiosyncrasies that came with it. Also, that she allowed me to carve out a path for myself and helped me in what I would term as In-flight trajectory correction. That part will really help me in the future as I mentor others.

    -Abhishek Bali, 2016

  • My coach is kind, empathetic, and effective in asking powerful questions to help her clients reframe their thinking in a more productive manner. In addition, having her support during my MBA program was truly invaluable in helping me make the most out of my time and growing as much as possible with the experiences that I have.

    -Debbie, 2016

  • The value of being coached came from the independent advice and expertise of a trained professional coach. She helped me better understand my leadership style and its associated pros and cons.

    -Jansen, 2016

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