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At a fundamental level, we grow leaders and develop teams. We do this by taking a data-based approach to how people and teams really work and applying that insight to real business issues, real-time. We are very intentional about creating the space to leverage information and generate foresight, helping leaders and teams immediately develop concrete solutions to communicate, interact, and perform at a higher level.

Our growing team of experienced coaches is trusted for having deep knowledge and compassionate understanding of how professionals excel. While we use a wide range of methods, tools and data, we have been recognized as having a unique ability to leverage the Hogan Leadership assessment to gain meaningful insight into what drives individuals and how that impacts teams, communication and corporate culture. From the top down, our leader and team development programming is data-based, actionable and creates a real-time shift in organizational dynamics.

Each of our coaches has 20+ years of professional experience, which allowed them to gain invaluable knowledge and insight to help clients take their career to the next level.

“My experience was priceless. It was one of the best investments in my success. I originally was looking for advice to grow my coaching business, but I received much more than that. Specifically, I grew as a person, father, husband, friend, and business leader. My coaching enhanced my self awareness and that was the key to growing my business.”Michael OBrien, President, Peloton Coaching and Consulting

Our Executive Coaching program transforms senior leaders through a 3-step process of Discovery, Planning and Development.

The process begins with a deep-dive session to get a clear picture of your current situation. In addition to a pre-session questionnaire that reveals mindset, goals and development priorities, assessments may include Energy Leadership Index, Core Values Index or Hogan. Optional 360 interviews; up, down and around with managers, peers and direct reports reveal how other people experience your leadership style.
Based on findings from the discovery phase, you and your coach will agree on leadership development objectives. We’ll set an individualized, actionable development plan to support the coaching process and establish benchmarks to measure your progress.
You’ll engage in personalized coaching sessions, in-person or by phone, at least once every two weeks, with unlimited email access to your coach between sessions and occasional “emergency calls” for live situations. You’ll find your A-game and discover how to overcome those blocks that are getting in your way.


The development phase focuses on...


*Game-changing communication skills *Candid feedback
*New tools to facilitate behavioral change
*Accountability *Emotional intelligence
*Clarity of responsibility *Goal-setting routines
*Immediate results to encourage long-term commitment
*Mastering change

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