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Through one-on-one coaching sessions and unlimited emails, our certified coaches connect you to your strengths and the core values that light your fire. Through constructive feedback and an action-oriented process, we also identify the years of limiting beliefs, assumptions and interpretations that get in your way.

If you feel motivated, then ask yourself – do you have an action plan and are you sticking to it?

The coaching relationship will give you the clarity and confidence to change exactly what you want to change in your life professionally and personally. The coach is a facilitator who helps you explore options that may not be top-of-mind for you, whether your journey will take you through a period of change, stress or growth. Through warm encouragement and a customized system to help you execute, anything is possible! It’s all up to you.

Through 20+ years of corporate experience, each of our coaches gained invaluable knowledge and insight to help clients take their career to the next level whether that’s through a period of Transition, Acceleration or Transformation.


We coach individuals who have recently found themselves managing change in some way, whether it’s because of a job change, promotion, department change or even a growth period on an organizational level. We make sure that you’re not only tolerating a transition, but effectively navigating and thriving in it.


In addition to the inner work that will help you make your next role your best role, we’ll help you tackle the tactical. We'll customize a program based on your needs, but potential features are a Hogan Assessment, recorded mock interview, review of resume, LinkedIn profile, cover/thank you letters and unlimited text/email access to coach between sessions.


This stage is all about propelling your career or business, not just onward, but upward. This process is aimed at high potentials who are going for “that big promotion” or a junior-level team member who wants to refine their skills and style to get the pay raise they’ve been working for. We work with entrepreneurs who founded their company with a brilliant idea but now need an outside perspective to determine how to take it to the next level and with senior managers looking to expand their roles.


We’ll focus on helping you develop the “soft skills” that become more vital as you advance in your career, including game-changing communication skills, confidence and Executive Presence. You’ll get tools for making the right connections and turning those connections into strong relationships.


Let’s start fresh. Whether you’re looking to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur or completely change your career path or industry, we’ll help you figure out how to use the skills and experience you’ve gained up to this point to hit the ground running.


How you’re telling your career story is as important as the story itself. We’ll help you figure out how to leverage your experience and existing network to take your career in a completely different direction. Not sure how to answer the questions you’ll be asked by investors or in an interview? We’ll work on presentations & interviewing to make sure you’re ready for anything.


Here’s what some of our most recent clients have said about working with us

What was your favorite part of being coached?

“Quite simply the ability to bounce ideas and situations off someone who did not have a specific agenda, other than to play the role of independent advisor with the goal of pushing forward the various aspects of my professional development.”

What surprised you about your coaching program?

“Two things in particular, and both were pleasant surprises.  First, Tanya’s availability transcended a simple schedule of appointments.  She either reached out, or responded in ‘real time’ as situations and decisions presented themselves, even if after hours or on weekends.  Second, she was able to address numerous situations and personalities in a fairly short period of time, which enabled an increase level of ‘value-add’.”

-Senior Equities Executive at a major Money-Center Bank

“My experience was priceless. It was one of the best investments in my success. I originally was looking for advice to grow my coaching business, but I received much more than that. Specifically, I grew as a person, father, husband, friend, and business leader. My coaching enhanced my self awareness and that was the key to growing my business.”

-Michael OBrien, President, Peloton Coaching and Consulting

“I expected the coaching program would teach me how to deal with crisis management, to be a better public speaker, to be more process minded and organised, to be a better delegator and manager. It was that and so much more…while I was being coached, I finally found my voice.”

-Managing Editor

“I cannot thank Bev enough for the work she did with me as I looked to transition to a new industry. Her insight into my work style and personality and her guidance on issues both large and small have been invaluable and have made an enormous impact on how I work and pursue my goals. I highly recommend her.”

-Executive Editor

“My coach Sharon was exactly that, a coach. She knew things and had a deep understanding of the hiring marketplace and what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly she was trying to understand me. I wasn’t being pushed into a box or just run through a matrix. I was very impressed with her willingness to get in the weeds with me. She was always looking for the levers and keys to unlock my potential.

The specific value was understanding myself (Hogan assessments) which I found very powerful and most important Sharon’s skill in interpreting and applying to my situation.”

-Jack Van Antwerp

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