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CareerCoach is New York City’s premier Executive Coaching firm. We coach today’s top leaders, from senior executives at global financial services and media organizations to entrepreneurs, mature business owners and employees at all levels across a variety of industries including finance, consulting, media, technology, retail and healthcare.

We’re helping define and develop company culture, focusing on leadership development and self-awareness as a starting point for sustainable impact. From our vantage point, we can see emerging organizational trends as they happen. We help professionals develop the skills they need to get ahead of the game and take their career to the next level.

Top Certified Professional Career Coach

You know that moment when you look at your iPhone late in the day and wonder how you got to 12% battery and suddenly you realize there are 36 apps running in the background?

That’s you running your energy inefficiently.

You’re editing your presentation for tomorrow when you glance at your email, read 5 unread messages, then your phone beeps, it’s a text from your spouse asking what time you’re finally leaving work, you start thumb-typing and your phone rings, and then an email comes through cancelling a meeting so you look at your calendar to adjust. While you’re there, you remember you didn’t set a place for your lunch meeting tomorrow so you launch a browser to Google “sushi near me.” You decide to take a bathroom break and get stopped down the hall with “quick question,” which you now have to get back to them on. You remember you have to run by the pharmacy on your way home, you scribble on a post-it note when you return to your desk. Now back to the presentation…

What happens with all those activities you start is that your brain keeps processing them in the background. By the end of the day, you have so many open apps in your brain that you are mentally stressed and feel like you didn’t even accomplish much today.

Stop. Finish what you started. Close the app. Conserve your energy. Start, finish, close. Start, finish, close. Give yourself that extra minute and that extra breath to actually feel like you are checking things off the list.

Then Power Off and put yourself back on the charger to get ready for tomorrow.

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