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After spending 15 years on Wall Street, most recently as a Managing Director, and leveraging the skills and experience gained during her tenure, Tanya Ezekiel founded and began recruiting a strong team of dedicated, empowering coaches. While most of us have the skills and experience to play a good game, playing a spectacular game is often a different story. Working with a coach is all about raising your game.

Career Coach Action

Career Tip #29: Clarity Through Action

The only way out of confusion is through action!

You can think all you want about your next career move or the next great business idea but until you put the first steps into action, you won’t get the clarity you need on whether it’s going to work. You don’t need to quit your job and throw caution to the wind. Just take a step. Make a move. Action!

At least a handful of times every week, I ask “are you over-thinking it?”. Be intentional, be deliberate, but don’t get stuck in your head.

Today, make note of just how long you’ve been thinking about doing something new for yourself. Are you willing to do it now or let it go forever? Take action. Get clear.

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